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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

The Department of Chemistry is one of the leading and largest teaching and research Department in Chittagong University (CU) as well as in Bangladesh. Since 1968, hundreds of Chemists who have graduated from this department have played a vital role in the development and imporvement of various administrative and educational organizations and also chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries both at home and abroad. Our Department has been successful to attract the right mix of high caliber, experinenced and professional faculty members and resarchers. Most of the senior faculties have overseas teaching and researach experinences. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of highly competent, intellectual, professional and devoted educators.

Chiarman of Chemistry

The department offers a four year broad spectrum degree of B. Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry with the provision for doing major and minor in various fields such as Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Environmental, Nuclear, Applied, Pharmaceutical & Bio-chemistry, Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Besides this, the Department offers M.S., M. Phil and Ph.D. degrees through taught courses and a dissertation/thesis based on supervised and published researches in all branches of Chemistry.

Our faculty is engaged in teaching and researches in various areas of chemistry. The researches mainly cover synthesis and characterization of inorganic and organic cmpounds and their antimicrobial activities, synthesis of amino sugars and heterocyclic compounds, studies on some symmetrical and non-symmetrical Shiff-base complexes. physico-chemical properties of liquids and molecular interactions in liquids and their solutions, etc. Our major goals are to develop new analytical methods for the determination of trace and ultratrace Inorganics and Organics using various instrumental techniques and to investigate the role of trace essential and toxic metal ions in physiological disorders, spearation sciences, introduction of suitable surfactants in Analytical Chemistry, physicochemical assessment of surface and groundwater resources of Bangladesh, chemical assessment of gaseous pollutants, particulate  matters and trace metals in the air of Dhaka and Chittagong cities, supramolecular chemistry, etc. The rich list of the faculty publications in the refered international Journals is a testimony to this. The Department has collaborative researches with a number of National (BCSIR Labs, DoE, AEC, etc.) and International (Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, Pakistan) organizations.

The Department has about 700 undergraduate and 200 post-graduate students and 40 regular faculty members.

Please, go through the Website to see What interest you most. Let us know if you need any further information.

Prof. Dr. Monir Uddin
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